Shamrock Landscaping is always looking at the overall appearance of the landscaping for the client. We offer low-water shrubs and trees which will reduce the cost to the client in water savings and landscape maintenance and will add value to the customer’s property.

Smart Practices

With the latest practices in the green industry, Shamrock Landscaping strives to improve and updated with new technologies that will continue in the future. By keeping informed it allows us to pass this new technology and practices on to our clients.

Sustainable Landscaping

As a professional landscape contractor, we always have the client’s interest in mind. We continue to provide the best practices and techniques to our client base and demands. With water being our life resource in the desert, we are always looking into better ways to conserve water and offer the best advice to the client when it comes to plant and tree selection, turf conversions and water schedules.

Water Conservation

As an industry leader, Shamrock Landscaping understand that over watering is a waste of our precious resource. We educate our clients to better understand how an irrigation system works and provide the knowledge and experience from our certified staff.

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